The Welcome Message You Surely Won’t Read


Hello and welcome to Less Pinning More Doing!

What is this blog for, you may wonder? Well, you’ve probably heard of this amazing little website called “Pinterest,” a kind of virtual bulletin board where you can save any and every image you ever find on the great wide internets. It’s a *wee* bit addicting. I kind of really love Pinterest with a love that is loverly. But…I *might* find myself spending a bit more time staring at the screen hitting that “Pin it” button than I ought. That’s where Less Pinning More Doing comes in! From here on out, I will be posting Pinterest projects I’ve tried (and things I come up with on my own) – whether that be a craft, a recipe, an organization tip, a workout idea or…anything I guess. I don’t know, we’ll see where this goes!



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