Makeup With Glasses


Today you get the pleasure of discovering how UNphotogenic I am. Oy vey. I can’t believe I’m about to post this. Anyhow, I had a friend pin this lovely video about how to wear makeup with glasses and I loved it, so of course I tried it out, because that’s the reason we all pin things, right?

DISCLAIMER: I am not a model, I don’t have a great and spacious makeup kit, I didn’t start with makeup already done and I don’t have the benefits of a professional makeup artist and airbrushing to make me look pretty. I just worked with what I have. Don’t be hating.


BEFORE (yikes!)
After concealer, foundation, and brushing teeth (you’re welcome)

I did NOT fill in my eyebrows with shadow. They’re bushy enough, thanks. In fact, in high school, my well-meaning sister filled them in when she did my make-up for a formal dance and it was rather ogre-esque. This is why I pluck. In fact, from the pictures, it’s looking like I need to make a little date with my friend The Tweezers. Oy!

Eyeshadow and unsightly pimples

 And then I took care of the screaming baby (whom I had been ignoring), forgot to curl my lashes (which I’ve found doesn’t make a whole lot of difference for me anyway), added mascara, a little blush and too pink of lipstick, put my glasses back on and took a final picture.


AFTER (hello double chin!)


*The baby doesn’t like to be ignored in favor of mascara, no matter how much better it makes Mommy look.

*I don’t know what a “naked kohl pencil” is

*I should not take straight-faced pictures of myself and post them on the internet for all to see.


Definitely an improvement from au natural, but nothing to throw a party over.


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  1. Some days I put on make-up (for a doctors appt. or something) and later in the day I look in the mirror and think, “Man, I look good! Oh, yea. I actually put make-up on today.” It still surprises me. I am seriously an all natural girl. Pimples and all.

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