Pork Chops and Potatoes


By the looks of things, you would think that the only stuff I ever try from Pinterest is the recipes, but really it’s just because my family seems to think they need to eat Every. Single. Day. Throw in the fact that I actually don’t like to cook and I suck at meal planning and, well, I just have to use other people’s ideas. So the other day I decided I wanted to make this recipe because we had pork chops, but I didn’t want mashed potatoes. I eventually settled on these potatoes. Now, as a disclaimer, when I “repinned” the potatoes from somebody else, they had different directions in the caption than the actual directions from the original website. So I deleted that little bit of whatnot  and *mostly* followed the actual directions. PSA – It’s a good idea to click through a pin to make sure the caption is accurate if you’re repinning.


I pretty much followed the pork chop recipe except for the fact that I hadn’t planned ahead, so I threw the chops in frozen and had to separate them once they thawed. It was super easy and quite delicious, though with how long I left them in, the meat was falling off the bones (yay!), and we were fishing a bit of bone out of our gravy. Methinks boneless pork chops would be a good idea.

For the potatoes, I used red potatoes, only did one cookie sheet worth and seasoned them with garlic and parmesan instead of thyme because of the meat we were having. Oh, and I used bacon fat because I was fresh out of duck fat (who that is normal keeps duck fat on hand?!) They were pretty good – if you’re just making one pan like me, don’t bother with moving them back and forth from top to bottom. Just throw them in the oven and pull them out to mix/flip a couple times.


They’re both recipes I would try again. In fact, the husband-man even complimented me on the pork chops, which is kind of a big deal because most of the time he just silently suffers through the things I make. :P


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