Glow Jars


You might be surprised to find out that I try things that don’t involve food or hair from my Pinterest boards. This next little tidbit was something we did for the Halloween party we threw for the neighborhood kids.

I give you: GLOW JARS


We used baby food jars, with the intent of scattering them throughout the “Haunted Forest” to create some eerie lighting.


*Apparently, I’ve been forgetting this section. Let’s just pretend nobody noticed, eh?

*The instructions are to break a glow stick and dump the contents into a jar. It’s a bit tricky to just “break a glowstick.” I used scissors.

*Unbeknownst to me, glowsticks actually have a little glass tube inside (which is why you have to “crack” them to make them glow.) Fascinating. This also makes cutting a bit tricky. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT cut them in the center. You will have a big mess. Trust me. Snip off the tip. And then snip off the other tip so there will be some air pressure at work so you can dump out the contents.

*This is a bit messy.


They turned out great! They glowed just enough and were a lot of fun!


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