Chicken Cream Cheese Taquitos


Hello again! Long time no see. I got super busy in December with a Christmas project I was working on (soon to come if I ever get around to taking pictures) and then…well…life just happened. All of the sudden I realized it was the middle of January! Today I want to share my take on these Chicken Cream Cheese Taquitos and their yummy dipping sauce. Anything with avocado in it is sure to get my attention, so when I saw the pin, I just had to try it.


Now, I’m not into making more work for myself, so there was no cutting of the tortillas into 3 mini tortillas and making mini taquitos. We just enjoyed them full-sized.


*I either need to take notes when I’m trying new pins or blog right away because, honestly, we had these so long ago that I don’t remember many details.

*That was a good lesson to learn.


If I remember right, we liked ’em. I was especially fond of the avocado dipping sauce – it was kind of ranch-ish, but not quite and quite yummy atop those taquitos. I’m pretty sure even my kids liked them. But without the sauce, of course, because they couldn’t possible put something green in their mouths.


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