Glue Catchers


A while back I discovered the amazing Play At Home Mom blog. They have fantastic ideas and are much nicer to their children than I am to mine. One of the projects that they posted was these Glue Catchers. I decided it was just the kind of thing my kids would love to do, so on Christmas Eve, we broke out the cookie cutters and glitter and got to work.


All Set Up

I got it all ready and then invited the older two to come and have some fun. They enjoyed it and we ended up adding about 4 or 5 more cookie cutters to the tray before we were done.

The Princess Squeezing the Glue
“Batman” Adding His Glue (Geeze, this takes forever!)
“Superman” Up From His Nap and Doin’ the Glue Thing

Squeezing was a bit hard at first – even for me – but I snipped off just a little bit of the inside tip and things went better after that.


Like there can ever be too much glitter.

In the end, it took about 3 days or so for them to dry and I never did get pictures of the finished product.


*It is not all that easy to mix food coloring into a glue bottle. The glue tends to be…sticky (imagine that) and doesn’t want to mingle so much with the coloring, especially when you’re just using a skinny little skewer. I think it would have been easier had I dumped the glue out of the bottles to mix it. But then I would have had to pour it back in…so…not happening.

*I was surprised at just how much they shrunk in thickness as they dried. They ended up pretty thin, but I certainly didn’t measure so I couldn’t say how thin.

*Everything’s better with glitter.


It was fun! The kids really enjoyed making them and we could do these for just about any occasion. Even just a rainy day.


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