Our Christmas Eve Tradition


Since I’ve posted about Christmas Eve and all, I figured I’d share one of our family traditions as well. Now, you may be surprised to find out, but I occasionally have an idea or two of my own. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens. Several years ago, my husband and I noticed that Christmas Eve was dragging on sooooooooooooo slowly and we got to talking about how it often felt that way as children too. Then I had a brilliant idea. (Actually, at this point, I can’t remember if it was mine or his, but I’m just going to go ahead and take credit for it.) You know how on Christmas Eve, lots of people get to open a present of new PJs to wear to bed? Well we do that too. (No, that is not the brilliant idea of which I speak.) But now, every year on Christmas Eve morning, our children get to open one present which contains a new pair of PJs to wear all day AND a new book to read. That’s right, Christmas Eve is officially pajama day at our house. We hoped, as the kids got older, that this would help to make the anticipation of Christmas morning weigh a little less heavily on their minds since they would be engrossed in their new book instead. And this year, for the first time, we had a child old enough for that to actually work. This Christmas Eve, the Princess started and finished her new book (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) on Christmas Eve. It’s a fun tradition that we love and if you want to adopt and love it too, be my guest!


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