Natural Looking Curls


Yes, my friends, this is yet another curling your hair trick. What can I say, I like having curled hair but alas, I was endowed with only natural straightness. What really drew me to this method of hair curling, was that it does, indeed, look much more natural than using a curling iron the traditional way. So, of course, I tried it out.


From the front
Sideview so you can see more


*My awkward arms + my hair’s ODD made this a bit…awkward…to do on some of the curls. Perhaps because I kept switching which direction I was doing the curls. I don’t like all my curls to go the same way.

*It took a long time (like 45 min I think? I don’t know, wasn’t timing it)

*Didn’t last as long as I hoped it would.


I liked the results. I didn’t like the time it took. I’m not sure the amount of time spent in proportion to how long it lasted makes it worth it. That said, I can’t remember how big my curling iron is, but I *think* it’s bigger than an inch – maybe an inch and a half – so I think I’ll try it w/the 3/4 one next time and see how long that lasts. So yes, I’ll try again. Maybe even today. :)


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