The Glitter Jar


Long, long ago in a galaxy far away…

I found this glitter jar idea and pinned it.

And then I tried it.

And now, I shall blog about it.



*I originally made the jar with Batman (5) in mind because he has some sensory issues and is drawn to visual stimulation. I thought it would be good for calming him down when he’s worked up. Alas, it only holds his attention for approximately 13.2 seconds. If we’re lucky.

*Superman (who is 2) however, loves it.

*A little food coloring goes a long way. As you can see by our nearly black creation. Oops.

*You can’t use too much glitter. Trust me.

*A bit of cute paper and some glue can be a great way to cover things like “Salsa Verde 10/11” on used jar lids.


*I like it, but I won’t be making another one. Mostly, it just sits on the counter being ignored. Perhaps if I’d not been so heavy handed with the food coloring it would get more use.


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  1. We used to make these for the kids at school all the time. Yes, use less food coloring (or watercolors because they don’t stain if/when your container breaks). But, also use a plastic disposable water bottle. You can hot glue the lid on, and then the kids can carry it around. They get a lot of use that way. We sometimes would add tiny number or letter beads, as well, and sometimes, small bits of feathers. They get more use when they are less intense in color and more mobile. :)

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