Four Day Master Makeover: Day 1


Remember last night when I said I was going to order bedding AND tape up the room for painting before going to bed? Yeah, that was pretty funny, wasn’t it? I did order bedding though. Wanna see?

I got this lovely duvet cover (already have a duvet) and pillow cases in “Water” from trusty ol’ I can’t wait for it to come! (Unfortunately, I don’t get to write a little disclosure here about how they sent me a gift card to buy stuff from them and blog about it. Because they didn’t.)

And about that taping job…yeah. Didn’t happen last night. Some of it happened tonight though. But it’s still not finished. Take a look:

And before that I had a neighbor come over and help me move those awesome laundry sorters that I’ll blog about someday to the garage for a little painting love.

And before that, I got an oil change at “We pretend to be fast” Jiffy Lube and shopped for paint and other such necessities with 4 perfectly behaved, happy, and obedient children. For a total of 3 hours.

Somehow, I’ve also managed to remove the headboard and footboard from the bedframe, relocate the mattress and box springs to another room, take off the closet doors, teach a not-really-Zumba-because-I’m-not-actually-certified class, feed my children three square  good enough meals, and even shower. So while it doesn’t look like much, I got stuff done. Sort of. In reality, if I manage to get the walls painted before my unsuspecting husband returns, I might just call it a success. Apparently I’ve regained a couple of ounces of sanity today.

On the goal list for tomorrow – finish prepping, get at least one coat of paint up on the walls, prime and possibly begin painting the laundry sorters, and keep the children alive. Oh yes, and it’s laundry day.

Just for your Pinterest pleasure, here’s a little peak at something I would LOVE to add to our room, but is sooooooooooo not happening this week. Unless crazy lady comes back:



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