Four Day Master Makeover: Day 2


Holy Tired, Batman! Let’s just say I started the day with less than a full tank of gas. And my mileage is getting worse. Tonight you get a summary in bullet points:

*Hungry Children (Okay, me too – I was starving)
*Pizza Delivery (guess I’ll have to add that one to the makeover budget)
*Prep and order some prints
*Leftover pizza for dinner
*Flat tire
*Finding someone to help with said tire
*Ant migration observation
*Munchkins in bed
*Painting ’til almost midnight – but the walls are DONE! I thought I’d have to do 2 coats, but I chose dark colors that had great coverage, so I shouldn’t have to. Which means I bought an entire extra gallon of paint. Wonder if I can return it?

The blue is not that light.


THIS is the more accurate color of blue

And laundry. I did laundry all day. I’m sure you care.

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the projects I’ve pinned that I hope to get done tomorrow (from

Good Night!


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