Four Day Master Makeover: After (for now)


Yes, yes, I know this is 3 days late, but what can I say- my husband came home after being gone for 4 days and we were spending time as a family. And then I got lazy.

As for how day 4 went, it was a little something like this: Mom runs around like a chicken with her head cut off and kids wonder why she’s so crazy. The room was nowhere near ready when I woke up that morning, but somehow we pulled it off. I spent entirely too long trying to add a stripe of green to the blue curtain and then gave up (and now that I think about it, I was being dumb and it should have been easy). I carried the laundry dresser things inside myself because I didn’t want to ask my neighbor to come and help AGAIN. They were heavy. But I did it. Go me.

During the week I plan on posting more about some of the things I tried from Pinterest, but for now, you just get some AFTER (for now) photos of how the room looked when Mr. CrazyLady returned. I had the kids watching out the window for when he came home and as soon as he did, I grabbed the camera and headed downstairs to hide in the closet where I could see without being seen. The kids were given instructions to tell Dad “Mom locked herself in her room” if he asked where I was. It seemed a fitting way to get him down there. Of course, he didn’t even ask.

When he walked into the room, he said “Mom’s been busy…” Looked around. Walked right up to where I was standing inside the closet w/the camcorder and asked “Where IS mom?” (I’d upload a video for you all to see, but I’m too lazy this morning.)

Now, this man does not get excited or worked up about things, so yes, that is how he reacted. That’s it. He asked me a little later how much I had spent, though. (Which, without pulling out receipts, was around $200, I think – of course I ended up with an entire extra can of paint and them some, so I’m kicking myself for buying more of that than I needed.) And I still have a few things to add.

And here the room is in all its AFTER (for now) glory:

Some of the things that are still in the works are a little facelift for this mirror:

Putting these pictures (and other pictures/artwork on the walls) and adding a bit of decor to the top of the laundry dressers:

Giving a facelift to the closet doors and some decorative pillows for the bed. Oh yes, and that lamp. I’m not a fan of that lamp, so something’s got to be done about it too:

And then there’s this side table I got at the thrift store. I love it. I *was* planning on painting it a green to match the curtain tie (and some pillows I’ll make out of the same fabric), but now the wood is growing on me. And if I paint that one, I’ll have to paint the filing cabinet my husband uses on his side of the bed too. So what do you think? To paint or not to paint?


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  1. Great job! My husband would hate it, but he hates paint. I say leave the table. It matches the other wood so it looks like you meant to do it. Plus it adds another color to the room. And Moms are allowed to be crazy sometimes, its the only way stuff gets done.

  2. Thanks! I must admit, every time I walk into the room, I just stare at the walls and smile – color makes me happy! The verdict is still out on the nightstand – but it’s leaning toward leaving it.

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