Halloween Sneak Peek Numero Dos*


*or Why My Kitchen Floor Is Covered in Hot Glue Strings

Last week I gave you a little glimpse into the Halloween preparations going on at our house. This week, I have another one for you! Yay! You can’t contain your excitement, right?!

Without further ado, here it is:

Know what we’re going as yet? A little extra clue: The person wearing this fabulous item was a bit disappointed when she found out she didn’t get to wear just a leotard. For some reason her mother thought that would not be appropriate considering her age and the guaranteed Halloween weather round these here parts. And the fact that really, no one should just walk around in a leotard. Not even Beyonce. Not even her single lady friends.

Anyway…a little bit of info on this fabulous piece of work. ;) Found the skirt on clearance at Walmart for $2 – two sizes too big, but that was an easy fix. Star sequins from Michael’s for about $2. No way in the world above or below was I going to sew those suckers on, so out came the hot glue gun. If you ever embark on such a project yourself, be warned that the hot glue *might* cause the sequins to melt a bit. My strategy, after some trial and error, was to put 4-5 dots of glue down on the skirt, and then gently add the stars and then go back and push them down just a bit more. It takes a long time, very little skill, and a lot of patience. But honestly, you probably don’t want to embark on such a project, because who in their right mind would?

What are you going as for Halloween? Do you make your own costumes or wear pre-made ones?


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  2. Thanks! She actually did like the skirt, which was a relief! What’s not so awesome is the little sequin stars I’ve been finding all over the house ever since because they keep falling off!

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