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Look who’s back…back again


I know I’ve missed a couple of Wanderlust Wednesdays and still haven’t posted from Halloween, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks, what with Halloween and the birthday of a princess and my computer’s RAM dying and all. But I’m back in business folks – you can’t get rid of me that easily!

Today I just wanted to share our family’s Halloween pics with you (since I did the whole sneak peek thing and all. Twice.) Now, these were taken after trick-or-treating, which means that it was late and we had some tired, grumpy, sugar-highed super heros with scatty-whompus costume elements. Just, you know, in case you were wondering.

Without further ado:

When we first decided to be super heroes, I had to do a quick Facebook post about the advisability of mixing DC and Marvel characters. The consensus was that this was, generally, not okay in the eyes of comic book geeks everywhere. But then I decided, forget it, I don’t care. And there we were. Ready to take on the world and all the evils it could throw at us. Like three year olds who can’t hold still for pictures and one year olds who don’t want their picture taken at all.

A quick rundown of each costume (for those who care):

Black Widow (Me): Black boots, black leggings, black shirt, black belt w/a red duct tape hourglass. Curled hair (okay, disclaimer – I attempted to dye my hair red, but the dye I chose turned out to be more dark brown than red and really, you could only tell a difference in my color if you knew.)Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The Punisher (The Manchild): Black cargos (truth: I told him to get black cargos, he came home with casual black slacks…what are those called? Like Dickies or something. Not what I planned, but whatever), black shirt from this post, belt with awesome skull buckle that you can’t really see, black leather jacket from the thrift store.

Batman (usually referred to on this blog as Spiderman – this is about to get confusing): Hand me down pjs. Easiest costume ever.

WonderWoman (the Princess): Foam crown from Michael’s cut into the right shape w/star added, red t-shirt w/yellow electrical tape logo, gold ribbon tied around the waist, blue skirt from this post, duct tape wrist cuffs, satin fabric cape, duct tape boots adapted from this tutorial. This was, by far, the most labor intensive costume I did this year. Due to a certain picky child. That I love. Dearly.

Spiderman (usually called Superman here): $3 dress-up from the thrift store. Bam.

Superman (also known as Batman. Here, anyway.): $1 Superman tank from Walmart w/sleeves added, Handmade pants w/attached shorts (that don’t look like underwear, as adamantly requested by the wearer), satin fabric cape, gold ribbon tied around the waist.

And THAT’S what I spent my October doing.