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My “One Word” Reminder


I decided I wanted something I could wear at all times to help me focus on my “one word” for 2013, so I started window shopping on Etsy for some piece of jewelry that was just right. I wasn’t sure if I wanted something small on a necklace or a bracelet or a ring, or what. I almost settled on one of these beautiful stamped copper bracelets from bailybelle:

But in the end, I decided I wanted something smaller and less prominent. Something others might not notice but that I would. Something to help me remember that it is the light of Christ that I am trying to let shine and not my own light. So I decided on a simple, understated ring from beadsoul. It came yesterday and I love it! It is just perfect:

I love everything about it and I am so grateful to have this little reminder with me every day as I use my hands to serve others and “let [my] light so shine.”

Have you picked a word or phrase for the year? How do you plan on keeping it forefront in your mind?


Wanderlust Wednesday: The Emerald Isle


Back in my single college days, my sister and I decided that one day we would backpack through Ireland together. But then life happened and backpacking didn’t happen and now we have families and responsibilities and all that grown up stuff to worry about.

But I still dream of doing it.

I may have even pinned an image or two {or three or six…} of Ireland on my travel board.

So today I just want to share a few of the beautiful sights I’d love to see if ever I got the chance to visit that beautiful country.

The Dark Hedges, Antrim, Ireland Where Beech trees have grown over the road to create this stunning and ethereal sight.

The bright streets of County Cork, Ireland, where apparently the food is amazing and not to be missed.

I want to visit some of the castles, like this one in Killarny, Ireland.

Howth Village in Dublin, Ireland. Apparently I have a thing for the brightly colored houses. Color makes me happy. :)

“The Round Road” in Ireland. I don’t know where this one is yet, but I’d sure like to find out! It looks like something from Alice in Wonderland, doesn’t it?

Oh Ireland, one day we shall meet face to face!

The Little Things


Sometimes I get so caught up in the drudgery of dishes and laundry and vacuuming and feeding and potty training and changing diapers that I forget to cherish the little things about my kids. I’m terrible at remembering the magical moments and really good at trying to hurry them along so I can get to the next thing that has to be done, which will eventually lead to that most magical of moments: bedtime. Let’s just soak that one in for a minute, shall we…….ah, bedtime. Dear, sweet bedtime.

About a year or so ago, I pinned this article called “Don’t Carpe Diem.” I love it. It sums up so much of life as a mother. If you’re a mother or ever plan to be one, you really ought to read it. I love the author’s honesty in admitting that parenting is hard. And it’s okay that it’s hard. It’s even okay to admit that it’s hard. Especially when kids are little and demand so much from you. But because this time as a mother of little people will disappear fast, it’s important to remember the magical moments when time stands still and you see the amazing little people you get to care for and raise.

And that’s what I want to do today. Because they won’t always be this little. And they won’t always say the things they say now and do the things they do now.


Like how Spiderman seeks out the singing gingerbread man at Grandma’s house every time we visit and sings “Jingle Bell Rock” over and over and over again.

Or how he loves dogs so much.

And how much he just wants to do everything his big brothers and sister do and wants to be so darn independent even though he’s not even 2 years old yet.


Like how Superman says “chloclate” instead of “chocolate.”

And how his face lights up and he says “I LOVE THAT!” about everything from the Hulk gloves he got for Christmas to the chicken we had for dinner last night (that he wouldn’t eat, because he didn’t like it).

Or how he just loves to play with “guys” no matter their size, shape or character.


Like how Batman loves to dance so much that he told us, “It’s not me that dances, it’s just the music makes my body move!” And also informed me that if I die, he can take over teaching my Zumba classes for me. (So glad I don’t have to worry about getting my class covered in those circumstances now!)

Or how he’s willing to eat something he doesn’t like for dinner if there’s desert on the line, but only after much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and only if there’s a timer involved. Actually, in those moments, I don’t really want to remember them, but I imagine him as a married adult acting like that and it makes me laugh.

And how he’s so good at math that when his sister asked me what 9 x 25 was, this 1st grader yelled “225!” before I even had time to process what question she’d asked.


Like how the Princess wants to do her own hair every day, which involves only brushing it and then looking like a ragamuffin by the end of the day.

And how she asked Dad the other day “What’s the phase of the moon after a full moon?” And when he answered “gibbous,” she said, “Oh yeah, gibbous. I forgot.” That girl is always surprising me with the stuff she knows!

Or how she posts things like this on her door:


And mostly I want to remember just how much they love each other.



Wanderlust Wednesday: The Bahamas


Today I am pining for the warmth and beauty of the beaches in The Bahamas. This past summer, my husband and I were fortunate enough to celebrate our 10th anniversary with a cruise to The Bahamas. And I tell you what, I could live on those beaches!

One of the days, we did an excursion that involved kayaking through the mangroves of Lucayan National Park, ending here:


And then visiting Gold Rock Beach:


Ahhhhh, Gold Rock Beach…. When we got there, the tour guide apologized for it being so busy. I guess a snorkeling excursion had been cancelled, so some people had opted to come to this beach instead. Can’t you tell from that picture how busy it was? “Busy” for this beach was about 20 people beyond those in our group. It was the perfect beach, with shallow water for probably 100 yards or more.

That day was, hands down, the best day of the trip. In fact, I loved it so much, I started looking for schools where my hubby could teach so we could move to Freeport. (I found one, in case you were wondering. Now we just need to wait until they’re hiring.)

Another day was spent on Norwegian Cruise Line’s private Island, Great Stirrup Cay.


It was a great, low-key day (well, they all were!) in a beautiful place. We took some time to walk out beyond the crowds:


And were blessed with a stunningly beautiful little beach area where I captured my favorite photo from the day (which I actually used as color inspiration for my bedroom makeover):


Oh I just love the natural colors of the Caribbean!

So yeah, on this frickin’ cold day in Utah, I’m dreaming of beaches and sun and bright colors.