My “One Word” Reminder


I decided I wanted something I could wear at all times to help me focus on my “one word” for 2013, so I started window shopping on Etsy for some piece of jewelry that was just right. I wasn’t sure if I wanted something small on a necklace or a bracelet or a ring, or what. I almost settled on one of these beautiful stamped copper bracelets from bailybelle:

But in the end, I decided I wanted something smaller and less prominent. Something others might not notice but that I would. Something to help me remember that it is the light of Christ that I am trying to let shine and not my own light. So I decided on a simple, understated ring from beadsoul. It came yesterday and I love it! It is just perfect:

I love everything about it and I am so grateful to have this little reminder with me every day as I use my hands to serve others and “let [my] light so shine.”

Have you picked a word or phrase for the year? How do you plan on keeping it forefront in your mind?


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  1. Sarah, I am honored that you would feature the ring I made for you! I hope you know that lots of love and light went into it :) I hope this ring reminds you of His faithful love for you each and every day.

    Thanks a bunch,

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