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Melted Crayons and All That Jazz


Long and long ago, when Pinterest first sucked me in, I saw and thought I pinned the oh-so-popular melted crayon art. Unfortunately I either didn’t actually pin it or pinned it under some kind of filing system my brain no long subscribes to because, for the life of me, I can’t find that original pin! And of course, now there are all sorts of fancy schmancy pieces of melted crayon artwork floating around the great wide internets. So if you really want to see what I’m talking about, just Google it. Or here, I’ll make it easy for you.

Of course, I thought this would be a great activity to do with my kids and hang in the playroom. So we did it and I even took pictures of it and planned on posting about it here. That was months ago. But I still have the pictures, see, so for all you know, it could have been just yesterday.



We started with a blank canvas and 2+ boxes of new crayons. I don’t know how many exactly, but you’re welcome to stare and the picture and count them if you’d like. It doesn’t really matter if they’re brand spankin’ new, either, since you’re going to be melting the tips away. I hot glued these onto the canvas one at a time in rainbow order.


Next up, we spread out some newspapers (but not enough, more on that later) and propped that sucker up. Against the vanity/cabinet in the bathroom. Not what I would recommend. Vertical, yes. In front of your bathroom cabinets, no.


Do you see what I mean about the piddly amount of newspaper coverage? Yeah, don’t do that.

And then we brought on the heat. Slowly (and might I emphasize slowly), the crayons started melting:




We made progress. Slowly. With a bit of “cool!” and then “this is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R!” But progress it was.





The finished product as it is currently displayed on the wall above some of our rain gutter shelves in the playroom. (See how nice and neatly my children keep all those books in those shelves? Not.)


*It takes a long time. My children are not the most patient beings on earth, but they mostly stuck it out.

*I learned I have some control issues when it comes to crafty things with my kids. (Well…..I may have already known that.)

*If you will be doing this in a room you’d rather not have covered in little splatterings of hot colored wax, be sure to cover your area and the area around you really well with newspaper or whatnot. Really, really, well. The force of the air from the hair dryer tends to blow those little waxy beads around, especially the ones on the side. I may or may not have random pink accents now dotting a portion of the baseboards in my bathroom. On a side note, I did see a suggestion somewhere to use an embossing gun if you have one to avoid this issue.


*I like it! It was fun. The kids liked it. I really love some of the more creative ones out there with dancers and umbrellas and such, but the chances of me making another one are slim to none. Not zero, mind you, but slim nonetheless.

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Town With No Roads


I recently repinned this little beauty from a pinner I follow:

It is a picture of Geithorn in Holland ,which is described as “a beautiful and quiet little village unique in that roads are a rare thing.” It is connected with waterways and bike trails and paths with boats for visitors to rent so that they may enjoy the area.

The beauty and tranquility of such a place sounds simply heavenly, does it not?

If only.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I know, I know – I haven’t posted in ages. Just a quick one for today, since I’m about to leave to help with Mr. Batman’s class party, but I wanted to share a little Valentine with you all. Actually, it’s for my #1 bestest friend and the man I am lucky enough to get to spend the rest of eternity with, but you can pretend it’s for you. ;)


Quickest tutorial in the history of blogland: Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, very carefully sliced in half on a diagonal (it’s best to score it on both sides and then keep going a little deeper on each side). You might need to shave the edges just a bit after you’re done. Stick ’em together with frosting of your choice. Mine is powdered sugar, milk, a teensie pit of mint extract and melted white chocolate chips. Spread some more frosting on the top. Leave a cute note for your Valemtine and smile. BAM! Done. Enjoy!