Happy Valentine’s Day!


I know, I know – I haven’t posted in ages. Just a quick one for today, since I’m about to leave to help with Mr. Batman’s class party, but I wanted to share a little Valentine with you all. Actually, it’s for my #1 bestest friend and the man I am lucky enough to get to spend the rest of eternity with, but you can pretend it’s for you. ;)


Quickest tutorial in the history of blogland: Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, very carefully sliced in half on a diagonal (it’s best to score it on both sides and then keep going a little deeper on each side). You might need to shave the edges just a bit after you’re done. Stick ’em together with frosting of your choice. Mine is powdered sugar, milk, a teensie pit of mint extract and melted white chocolate chips. Spread some more frosting on the top. Leave a cute note for your Valemtine and smile. BAM! Done. Enjoy!


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