Coconut Chicken…mm…mm…good!


While cleaning out some old photos, I came across this beauty:


I know, I know – it really doesn’t look all that tasty. Like at all. But let me tell you, this is a recipe worth trying.

For a prettier version, this is what the picture from the original recipe looks like (and that leads to my pin if you want to click on it to repin and save for later, too):

From Budget Bytes

Much prettier, right? Of course right.

Now, since it’s been so long since we tried these, I don’t have a lot to say about them except that those up there are the results and the verdict is that I wish I had some chicken thawed out so we could have this for dinner tonight! It was so yummy (though a bit on the greasy side). We didn’t make the dipping sauce because we already had some sweet chili sauce in the fridge, but oh boy was it good. Did I mention that yet? So go to the recipe page and pin it or bookmark it or whatever you do to remember where it is and then make it ASAP and then come back here and tell me I was right.

***Be on the lookout for more quick posts like this as I’m sorting through old pictures!***


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