Happy Campers


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I am in the midst of preparing for a family camping trip to the Grand Canyon we’ll be taking later this summer. My family did a lot of camping growing up and I remember it as always being so much fun. I still enjoy camping an awful lot, but you know what? It’s a whole different beast when you’re the adult in charge of planning, packing, feeding, and keeping everyone alive for 4-5 days in the dirt!


We’ve been on a few camping trips with our kids before, but I’m determined to make this one as low-stress as possible, especially since it will include a looooooooooooong drive before and after as well!

To that end, I’ve been searching out some tips and tricks for making our little roughing it stint a little less rough for mom {that’s me}. You can find links to a lot of good ideas, recipes, etc. here on my camping board.


One thing that I haven’t used before but really want this year is an extensive packing list. I found a few different ones, but not one that fit just right, so I plunged through the lists buffet style, picking and choosing what looks pleasing to my palate and came up with my own list. My intention is to get a few big plastic tubs and fill them with our camping stuff by category and then just leave that stuff in there, making packing for future trips as easy as 1-2-3. And since I’m feeling ever so generous today, I turned it into a pdf to share with all of you! Don’t you feel lucky?

Camping1{apparently I am incapable of posting a picture of the pdf, so you’ll have to click on the above picture)

My list includes a kitchen tub (no food!), a general camping stuff tub, a keeping kids busy tub, personal bags, and all the other big stuff/equipment that you can’t fit into a tub. As should be pretty obvious from the size of the thing, this list is for car camping trips rather than backpacking trips. I mean, if the length of the thing didn’t give it away, the amount of clothing required for a 3 year old ought to.

Now that the list is made, all I have to do is make sure I’ve got it all and can fit it into the car. That’s the easy part, right? Right?!

Oh yeah, and figure out what to feed people…

PS – Check out my new post for some tips and tricks to make camping with kids more fun for everyone!


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  2. Thank you!! I have been looking for a great camping list instead of making my own each time (which I lose because it’s always handwritten) so this is perfect and I pinned it to find it next time cuz I’m smart like that lol

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