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Two weeks ago, Cara Brooke {whose blog, Maskcara is freakin’ amazing, by the way} issued a challenge. The challenge involved doing 3 things that I pretty much stink at: washing your face every night, applying moisturizer both morning and evening, and drinking plenty of water. The challenge was to take a before picture, do these 3 things for 2 weeks, then take an after picture and post them together along with any observations you have from the challenge.

So here goes:
Just look at how clear my skin is! Not a blemish to be found. And with a glow to boot!
Okay, okay, so I accidentally had the flash on.

For real, though:

*Now, I’m not going to lie and say I was perfect at this, but I did give it my best effort! I tell you what, drinking enough water is really hard for me! I don’t know why. I really ought to be better at it, but I’m not. So let’s just say I definitely drank more water than usual, but it may or may not have been the entire half gallon per day she suggested. It was some days.

*In all honesty, I don’t see a whole lot of difference in the look of my skin except that one breakout on my chin cleared up and another broke out. And on my nose.

*My skin does feel a lot less dry though, which is a problem I always tend to have, so that’s nice.

*Just because the challenge is over, doesn’t mean I’ll stop, though. I know it’s better for me to be drinking water and taking care of my skin, so I just have to give a big fat shoutout to Cara for kicking my buttoxide into gear.

Thanks Cara!

Now if I could just jump on the flossing train…


Painting Ceilings


As if painting ceilings weren’t torture enough, one day the devil woke up and said, “I have a brilliant idea! Heavily textured ceilings!”


Evil, I tell you. So evil.

And whose idea was it to paint the ceiling anyway?! I’m going to have words with her!

In other news, if you happen to buy too much paint for a project, say…like 1 1/2 gallons too much paint…and you decide to keep it on hand, might I suggest storing it indoors at a nice room temperature and not in the garage where it has the potential to freeze during the winter, so that when you need it again a year later and you open it to use it, it is still…well…usable. Not that I would know anything about that.

In other other news, Mr. LessPinningMoreDoing vetoed adding glitter to the ceiling paint, much to the dismay of sparkly fans everywhere.

The Piano Guys and Musings on Music


Saturday night we had the awesome opportunity to attend the Lyceum Music Festival’s concert w/the Piano Guys. We LOVE the Piano Guys here at our house. One of my favorite songs has always been “Waterfall” by John Schmidt. My kids are so in love with “Cello Wars” that it’s kind of ridiculous. So when we found out they would be playing only 10 minutes away from our home, we just HAD to go.



Happily waiting for the concert to start! (The kids really were happy, I promise!)

The Lyceum Musical Festival is this great program that gives orchestra students insight into professional music careers. They spend a full week at the Zermott Resort in gorgeous Midway, UT learning music and practicing and visiting with professionals in the industry and then they put on a full concert at the end.

Let me tell you, these kids were AMAZING. They sounded like a professional orchestra. You know when you have to go to a junior high or high school ┬áconcert because your kid is in band or orchestra and you’re just a bit dreading it because they drag on forever and there are occasional ear-splitting mistakes, but you love your kid and their friends so you go with a smile on your face anyway? Yeah. Not like that AT. ALL. Incredible, I tell you.

And of course the Piano Guys were incredible too. I mean, are they ever not?

So at the concert we were not quite close enough to see, but definitely close enough to enjoy.


Can you see the piano there? Those trees were right in the way of our actually seeing Mr. Schmidt play and the bushes blocked Mr. Steven Sharp Nelson, but we didn’t care, it was still fantastic.

My favorite song of the night was probably “Beethoven’s 5 Secrets”:

As I was sitting there enjoying the beauty of the music, I got to wondering…what is it about good music that just speaks to your soul? I mean…why? Why can music touch you in a way words cannot? I don’t know the answer to that and I don’t know if I ever will.

I’m also in awe of those people in the world who can compose and create great music. This is something I cannot even wrap my brain around. What a talent to possess!

But you know, I think everyone has been given a talent that, when carefully honed and crafted, can also move people in incredible ways. Perhaps it is knowing how to arrange words in a powerful way like a composer does with musical notes. Or maybe it is a gift for bringing those words to life in speech like a musician does with the composer’s music. Talents in photography, painting, sculpturing (um…maybe not a word, but you know what I mean), dance, or even knowing how to listen. These are all talents with the potential to touch someone’s soul. And there are so many more. I truly believe these gifts come from a God who loves us and wants us to use what He’s given to bless the lives of others. And I am so grateful for people like the Piano Guys who do just that.

What do you think? Why does music touch us so? And what gifts do you have that you could share with the world?

Trying Not to Bite the Dust


I present to you PROOF that I am actually working on something and not just neglecting the blog for naught. And when I say “something” I kind of mean something big:


Photo courtesy of my super awesome 9 year old

Ain’t that smexy?! #1 – the bandana is because I did not want to wash my hair. Again. For the third time in less than 24 hours due to sanding mud yesterday and teaching a Zumba (R) class this morning. #2 – the face mask is for the dust that I did not want to coat my lungs with. I’m high maintenance like that. #3 – the glasses are because while I was working on sanding the ceiling, the dust liked to land in my eyes. #4 – those are headphones. For rockin’ tunes. And if you’d like to come mud and tape and sand with me, you, too, can have your own super smexy getup!

Random fact: the first time I learned to mud and tape new drywall was when I was twelve. It’s no more fun now than it was then.

Someday I will show you what it is I’m working on and maybe even tell you all about it. But for now, I’ll leave you this clue: it starts with a “B” and ends with an “athroom.”

In the meantime, go cook some corn in a cooler. It turns out AWESOME and is easier even than putting on the pounds in a donut shop!

There, now I feel as though I’ve done my Pinterest duty and can go to bed.

You know what? I think I’m going to tag this post under hair because surely someone wants to recreate this amazing look, right?! ;)