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Wanderlust Wednesday: The Bahamas


Today I am pining for the warmth and beauty of the beaches in The Bahamas. This past summer, my husband and I were fortunate enough to celebrate our 10th anniversary with a cruise to The Bahamas. And I tell you what, I could live on those beaches!

One of the days, we did an excursion that involved kayaking through the mangroves of Lucayan National Park, ending here:


And then visiting Gold Rock Beach:


Ahhhhh, Gold Rock Beach…. When we got there, the tour guide apologized for it being so busy. I guess a snorkeling excursion had been cancelled, so some people had opted to come to this beach instead. Can’t you tell from that picture how busy it was? “Busy” for this beach was about 20 people beyond those in our group. It was the perfect beach, with shallow water for probably 100 yards or more.

That day was, hands down, the best day of the trip. In fact, I loved it so much, I started looking for schools where my hubby could teach so we could move to Freeport. (I found one, in case you were wondering. Now we just need to wait until they’re hiring.)

Another day was spent on Norwegian Cruise Line’s private Island, Great Stirrup Cay.


It was a great, low-key day (well, they all were!) in a beautiful place. We took some time to walk out beyond the crowds:


And were blessed with a stunningly beautiful little beach area where I captured my favorite photo from the day (which I actually used as color inspiration for my bedroom makeover):


Oh I just love the natural colors of the Caribbean!

So yeah, on this frickin’ cold day in Utah, I’m dreaming of beaches and sun and bright colors.