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Villianous Shenanigans – Halloween 2018


This year for Halloween we decided to be Disney villains. We decided way back in May, thinking there’d be all this time to make awesome costumes. When did I start working on costumes? Oh, part way through September. But with a little help from some friends and family, we made it. Even a villain needs help sometimes, guys.

The Criminal Crew


King Candy, Dr. Facilier, Mother Gothel, Gaston, Hades, Yzma

Bad Anon Meeting

“We’re bad, and that’s good. We’ll never be good, and that’s not bad.”





The Nefarious Characters

“The Name’s Hades, Lord of the Dead”





Two thumbs way, way up for this guy


“You Want Me to be the Bad Guy? Fine! Now I’m the Bad Guy!”


“Skip the drama, stick with Mama!”



“I’ve Been Nothing But Loyal to the Empire for Many, Many Years”


Somebody was nearing the end of a book and was not happy to be taking pictures.



“…And then I’ll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!”


“Or, to save on postage, I’ll poison him with this.”


“Whoa. Look at these wrinkles. What is holding this woman together?”

“Have Some Candy!”




“I’ve Got Friends on the Other Side”


“The cards, the cards, the cards will tell…”




This kid was hamming it up big time.


“Here in Town There’s Only She, Who is Beautiful as Me”





Grocery Store Shenanigans


“If I see you here again, I’ll put you in my fungeon!”


“When I was a lad, I ate 4 dozen eggs every morning to help me get large.”


“You’re in my world now, not your world.”


“Is there anything on this menu that isn’t swimming in gravy?!


“Mother knows best!”


“You know – a little dark, a little gloomy, and as always, hey, full of dead people. What’re you gonna do?”


Now…what could a pile of villains possibly need a pile of TP for? Hmmm….

More Shenanigans


Putting that TP to good use!


Step right up and try your luck!


Oh, was I speeding, officer?


Arrested for speeding, who would believe it?


Have you ever done a family theme for Halloween costumes? Do you buy costumes or make them yourself? What’s your favorite family Halloween costumes you’ve ever done or seen someone do? Share with us in the comments!

A Little Bit of Steampunk – Halloween 2017


Y’all, I haven’t blogged in almost 2 years.But it’s Halloweentime, so Imma put up some pics. This year we decided to go steampunk. If you don’t know what steampunk is {I’ve learned a lot of people don’t know what steampunk is}, think Victorian era fashion meets utility and gadgetry. Or something like that. There’s probably a wikipedia page if you want to know more.

So we started with just “steampunk” and then Boy Numero Dos wanted to be a chemist, and then we all ended up with some kind of a caricature to draw inspiration from for our costumes. So here we are, in all our gears and glory {trying out the slideshow feature for the first time}.


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THE {cheesy} PARENTS

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{from a book series}

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We had a lot of fun {and put in a lot of time} coming up with these costumes! They look simple but all of the little details really add up. Steampunk might end up being one of our favorite costume themes. We’re trying to figure out where else we can wear them because it’s so much fun! Do you do couple/family/group costumes for Halloween? What has been your favorite? Share in the comments!

Halloween 2015: Big Hero 6!


This year for our family Halloween costumes, everyone voted to be Big Hero 6. Actually, everyone but me. I was NOT looking forward to figuring out just how we were going to make this a reality. Mr. LPMD was totally the one with the drive to get this done. And also Grandma. Without Grandma, we’d have no Fredzilla. So basically, other people worked on these costumes while I dragged my feet and whined and complained about the impossibility of it all.

But…as we were walking down the street watching our kids trick or treat last night, I turned to Mr. LPMD and said, “You, know, they actually look pretty dang good.”

“Yep,” he replied, “we did the impossible.”

Now I’m not claiming that we all looked amazing or Comicon ready (or even that the costumes are reusable!), but in the end, they turned out okay and all of the kids were happy.

So, without further ado, I give you….picture overload!


Can I just take a moment to point out how fierce the kids all are in that second pic up there? Because FIERCE!





Wasabi’s blades were made from glow sticks, double sided tape, and plastic wrap, and when it got dark, they actually glowed, which was pretty stinkin awesome. The glow sticks were totally my idea, so I’ll go ahead and take credit for that little stroke of genius. ;)


The original plan was to paint this kid’s face to look like Fredzilla’s top eye. But come the day of, he didn’t want his face painted. And some things just aren’t worth arguing with a 4 year old about, ya know?

And a few bonus shots:

All 4 kidlets.


My boys.


Hiro and Baymax.

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween! Did you do a group costume? What did  you or your kids dress up as?

Who Can Take Tomorrow…Dip It In a Dream…


…separate the sorrow, and collect up all the cream?

The Candy Man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.

Welcome to Halloween 2014! A little background for those who are new to these here parts: We’re crazy. That should be enough of an intro. ;) No, really, though, we are. Or at least I am. Every year, we do a family theme for our Halloween costumes. For a little more info on that (and to see a list of what we’ve done), you can go to this post.

If you’ve browsed through my Halloween posts before, you might notice that there wasn’t one last year. And, well, that’s because last’s year’s theme was “Kids, pick something from the dress up closet, because I don’t have time for it this year.” So this year, we had to make up for it and plan ahead. The theme we picked? Willy Wonka! {Side note literary bonus…if you choose costumes from a book, you can read that book together as a family as part of your preparations. Booyah! Who needs school?! Just kidding. I do. I need my kids to go to school.}

So, without further ado, I give you six cast members from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Or as the 3 year old calls it, “Chocolate and the Charlie Factory.”


I also need to share one of my favorite pictures from the night that I caught while I was adjusting my camera settings. I mean, what was everyone doing? Really, I wish I knew what every single person in this picture was doing at this moment:

And now on to the individual costumes and a quick breakdown.


Let’s start with Mr. Wonka, himself. {Funny side note: Mr. LPMD is a high school teacher and he decided to wear his costume to school on Halloween. He had his pockets full of candy and while he was walking in the halls, if any student said, “Willy Wonka!” he threw a handful of candy at them and kept on walking. One student’s response was “Did that really just happen? That was epic.”} We knew from the start that finding a purple jacket was going to be our biggest hurdle. We looked and looked, but didn’t find one. Eventually I ran across a tan corduroy one and snatched it up. While debating how I should dye it (since it was dry clean only), I had a friend tell me she had painted costumes before and had good results, so I decided to try it out. I used acrylic paint and brushed it on with a paintbrush. It worked…okay. It was hard on the corduroy, because it didn’t always get down in the gaps, so it looked painted, but then when the fabric was moved, you could see the tan color showing up. It was also splotchy where I had to let it dry (so I could move it around to paint it more or so I could stop and take care of my family or whatnot) and then start up again. It also dried VERY stiff. I think if I have to do something like this again, I’ll try the dye and see how it goes.

His hat was a grey thrift store find and also got the paint treatment and a ribbon added around it. The bow tie came from some fabric in my stash and the vest was an amazingly awesome thrift store find. It started out as a woman’s 10P blouse, but the fabric was just too close of a match to pass up, so we decided to make it work for this 6 foot guy. I ended up just cutting the front panels off and safety pinning them onto his white shirt. Whew! His costume was a lot of work.


Veruca Salt. {This is literally the best picture of me we got. Boo.} This dress was another fortuitous thrift store find. I added the black buttons and the black ribbon waistband and that was it. Yes, I know Veruca’s dress had long sleeves, but this was good enough for me.


This here is Charlie Bucket and his valuable Golden Ticket. Super easy “costume.” Blue turtleneck. Grey corduroy pants. Golden ticket handmade by an 8 year old. We tried to convince him to be Augustus Gloop because people wouldn’t think he was dressed up, but he was bound and determined to be Charlie. Which, really, just made less work for me.

VioletB1 VioletB2

“Violet, you’re turning violet, Violet!” The Princess was Violet Beauregarde, partially on her way to becoming a giant blueberry. With gum. We found the blouse, pants and belt all at thrift stores. I changed the buttons out to look more like the movie and we stuffed her up with pillows. Also, I had no idea she was wearing those boots until I was going through the pictures after I had uploaded them. Se la vie.


Well hello there, adorable Mike Teavee! This kid was so excited for his costume. Especially the toy gun and the cowboy hat. True story, I could not find a yellow button up shirt for this costume. I ended up buying a tan one at {you guessed it} a thrift store and dying it yellow. In fact, the number of things I had to change the color of for all of our costumes was kind of ridiculous. So I bought the shirt, dyed it yellow, and sewed on the fringe. That was a new experience. I’ve never sewed on fringe before, but it went swimmingly. All of the accessories we already had or bought for cheap.

Okay. This next one is just…kind of my favorite. I mean, not my favorite kid because I’m a mom and moms don’t have favorite kids, but his costume. Pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

OompaLoompa1 OompaLoompa2

Am I right?! Maybe I’m biased, but that there is one good looking Oompa Loompa {who also self identifies as a “Loompa Doompa”}. This kid is a singing and dancing maniac – anything for an audience. So when he found out he could be a character who sings and dances AND would get to spray his hair green, he was sold.

Okay, enough mommy gushing and on to the costume. I made the pants and suspenders from some white fleece. And by “I,” I mean I made the pants and my mother made the suspenders and attached them to the pants. I was running out of time here, folks. Yet again, I could not find a brown turtleneck. How easy should that have been? Nope, not easy. I mean, I could have ordered one from Amazon for like $13, but this is a costume. I actually had a friend call from a thrift store and tell me she found a white one, so I told her to get it for me and then I dyed it brown. I really liked that it was ribbed, because it made painting the white stripes on pretty easy. I had planned to do his cuffs (and some socks) as well, but never got around to it. So you can just ignore the bare ankles and Lightning McQueen shoes for now.

And there you have it. Halloween 2014 in the bag. Do you do costume themes with family or friends for Halloween? Tell me some of the fun things you’ve done in the comments!

Look who’s back…back again


I know I’ve missed a couple of Wanderlust Wednesdays and still haven’t posted from Halloween, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks, what with Halloween and the birthday of a princess and my computer’s RAM dying and all. But I’m back in business folks – you can’t get rid of me that easily!

Today I just wanted to share our family’s Halloween pics with you (since I did the whole sneak peek thing and all. Twice.) Now, these were taken after trick-or-treating, which means that it was late and we had some tired, grumpy, sugar-highed super heros with scatty-whompus costume elements. Just, you know, in case you were wondering.

Without further ado:

When we first decided to be super heroes, I had to do a quick Facebook post about the advisability of mixing DC and Marvel characters. The consensus was that this was, generally, not okay in the eyes of comic book geeks everywhere. But then I decided, forget it, I don’t care. And there we were. Ready to take on the world and all the evils it could throw at us. Like three year olds who can’t hold still for pictures and one year olds who don’t want their picture taken at all.

A quick rundown of each costume (for those who care):

Black Widow (Me): Black boots, black leggings, black shirt, black belt w/a red duct tape hourglass. Curled hair (okay, disclaimer – I attempted to dye my hair red, but the dye I chose turned out to be more dark brown than red and really, you could only tell a difference in my color if you knew.)Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The Punisher (The Manchild): Black cargos (truth: I told him to get black cargos, he came home with casual black slacks…what are those called? Like Dickies or something. Not what I planned, but whatever), black shirt from this post, belt with awesome skull buckle that you can’t really see, black leather jacket from the thrift store.

Batman (usually referred to on this blog as Spiderman – this is about to get confusing): Hand me down pjs. Easiest costume ever.

WonderWoman (the Princess): Foam crown from Michael’s cut into the right shape w/star added, red t-shirt w/yellow electrical tape logo, gold ribbon tied around the waist, blue skirt from this post, duct tape wrist cuffs, satin fabric cape, duct tape boots adapted from this tutorial. This was, by far, the most labor intensive costume I did this year. Due to a certain picky child. That I love. Dearly.

Spiderman (usually called Superman here): $3 dress-up from the thrift store. Bam.

Superman (also known as Batman. Here, anyway.): $1 Superman tank from Walmart w/sleeves added, Handmade pants w/attached shorts (that don’t look like underwear, as adamantly requested by the wearer), satin fabric cape, gold ribbon tied around the waist.

And THAT’S what I spent my October doing.