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Lego Duplo So Many Ways to Play House Party


You guys. Have you ever heard of House Party? They. Are. Awesome. Basically, they help companies get their products in front of consumers by having people host parties with those products. I know what you’re thinking…Oh, like Mary Kay or Miche Bags or Lularoe Maxi Skirts or 100,000 other “parties” that are really just for the selling of products. Yeah, I’m not interested.

But you’re dead wrong.

With House Party there is NO selling involved! It’s just a chance for people to experience whatever the product is. If they like it, they can go out and get it. If they don’t, no skin off anyone’s back.

And the best part? The chosen host gets to keep and/or share the stuff that comes in the “Party Pack.”

Why am I telling you all of this, you may be asking? Well…we recently had the awesome opportunity to host a Lego Duplos party through House Party. Hello?! We have 4 very Lego-inclined children in this house! What kind of party could be a better fit, I ask you? None, that’s what kind.

So today I’m here to share some of the fun things we did for our party, many of which (okay…like all) I stole got from ideas I found on Pinterest.

About a week and a half before our schedule party, a very very large box was delivered to our door. Inside we found:
Six (yes, SIX) sets of Lego Duplos! Can you just feel the excitement from looking at those two hooligan’s faces?! Three Jake and the Neverland Pirates sets and Three Disney Planes sets.

There were also a few other goodies for sharing with our guests, including:

A crown for each guest, stickers for everyone, Planes posters for everyone, and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates DVD.

Remember when I said House Party is awesome? I stand by that statement.

We bagged all of our party favors up in some simple Lego style gift bags that we made with cheap colored bags from Walmart and construction paper dots:

We also made a Lego banner in a similar fashion:

We decorated with some Lego Head balloons (and each guest got to take one home):

I found some great giant coloring pages of both Jake and Planes at Walmart, so the kids colored those when they came (in addition to receiving another in their favor bag):

We used (washable) markers to color popsicle stick airplanes:

Decorated and ate Rice Krispy treat “Legos” (I pre-frostinged them because of the age of the kids):


Watched the DVD they sent, and of course, played with the Lego Duplos!
LegoParty06 LegoParty10 LegoParty11LegoParty07

What I love most about the Lego Duplos is that they were (are) a hit with all different ages of kids. The little ones could put them together themselves and the big ones had fun putting them together in their own creative ways. We have had so much fun with these Lego Duplos and are so grateful for the opportunity House Party gave us to host this party!