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The Closet Door Makeover You’ve All Been Waiting For


Remember back in the day when I redid my bedroom while my husband was out of town? Remember how my after shots were sans closet doors? Well not anymore, my lovely reader – I finally finished them! (Yes, as in, just last night. I don’t work well not under pressure, mkay?)

I give you…the makeover that took our boring bifold closet doors from

 Drab to Maybe-Not-Quite-Fab-But-Certainly-Better-Than-Before….I-Think

Just to refresh your memory, here’s a little peek at the before so you know what I was facing. (Once again, sorry for the bad lighting. As a side note, I actually figured out why I was having such bad lighting problems with my camera – the white balance had been set to fluorescent and left there. Oy vey!)

I knew I needed to do something about those doors, but I couldn’t buy new ones, so I figured I’d just paint them. In the middle of the week when I was eyeball deep in the room makeover, I asked some friends if they thought I should paint them blue to blend in with the wall they were on or grey like the accent wall to stand out more. As we were debating back and forth between those options, I found this:

And my life was forever changed. I looked at these doors and thought…I can do that! Well, not *exactly* that, but something like that!

Now, as much as I would love to, I had no intention of actually splitting the doors apart to rid them of their bifold-ness, because that would take more work than I was willing to do. But, if I could just eliminate the slats on top and repaint the doors and change out the handles and add some cute fabric, they just might look better. Plus, those are all things I can do. By myself. Booyah.

And so it began. To my delight, I was able to just pull the slats right out. We discovered this by accident when I asked Mr Crazy Lady how he though I should eliminate them and he jokingly said “Just break them,” and proceeded to punch a slat with the intent of breaking it. Instead, it bent a little and then came right out. Awesome sauce.

Next up was removing the hinges and the handles so I could paint.

I used some of the removed slats to lift the doors up off of the plastic to keep them from sticking once they were painted. I also had to do a great deal of wiping down first to get rid of dust and debris. Man, those things were dirty! Once again, the removed slats came in handy, as I wrapped my damp cloth around the end of one in order to get between the slats all cleaned up. Painting time! I think I used about 6 cans of Rustoleum spray paint. I probably should have used 7, but it was good enough for who it’s for.

I put the hinges back on those suckers and was ready to take them back inside. Once they were rehung, and had handles, it was time to add the curtains that I had so painstakingly made.

Cute handles, eh? I considered getting more crystally ones like in my inspiration photo, but alas, the husbandman was against it.

Now, let me tell you about the curtains. My original thought was that I have this really pretty silver-grey fabric that I got on clearance years ago that I love but have never had a real use for. But then I decided it would look better if the curtains in the closet doors matched the curtain at the window. The curtain at the window I had gotten on clearance at Walmart. But not the Walmart in my town – no, no, it had to be the Walmart in one town over. There had been two on clearance. I had considered buying both even though I knew I really only needed one. So I bought one. Of course, all of this was before I knew I was going to go all crazy on the closet doors. Grrrrrr. Luckily (after a power outage that had Walmart closed on my first trip) the second curtain was still there, patiently waiting for me. Booyah! Took it home. Cut it up. Made little curtains. Ka. Zam.

That’s when the trouble started. I had found some “cafe rods” that should have been perfect for these doors. But they weren’t. See, I decided not to cover up the hole from the removed slats because I figured the curtains would hide them. Unfortunately the cafe rods had little hook-things that had to be hammered into the sides. It’s hard to hammer a little nail into an empty abyss of a hole. After much hammering and denting of my new nicely painted door, I got one rod up. To my dismay, there was about a 1/2 inch gap at the top because of the space the hook needed. This was NOT going to work. I abandoned those rods and went in search of a spring tension rod that would fit in a 12.25 inch space. Have you ever done that? It’s not an easy task! I did eventually find some online, where I ended up paying twice what I paid for the curtain fabric. Dumb rods. But they finally came yesterday and it took me all of 15 minutes to put up all 4 curtains!

If you look closely, you can see that the rubber stoppers are sticking out on the bottom. When I originally sewed the curtains, I was planning on using the first rods, which would have fit perfectly into the slim casing. However, these new rods were a bit thicker and were a tight squeeze. The rubber stoppers didn’t stand a chance. (The reason this wasn’t a problem on top is because I just left the original casing from the curtain as I bought it, which was much wider.)

Maybe someday we will actually put some nice moulding around the doors, but all in all, I’d say it’s not too shabby. Certainly much better than before, don’t you think?


Four Day Master Makeover: After (for now)


Yes, yes, I know this is 3 days late, but what can I say- my husband came home after being gone for 4 days and we were spending time as a family. And then I got lazy.

As for how day 4 went, it was a little something like this: Mom runs around like a chicken with her head cut off and kids wonder why she’s so crazy. The room was nowhere near ready when I woke up that morning, but somehow we pulled it off. I spent entirely too long trying to add a stripe of green to the blue curtain and then gave up (and now that I think about it, I was being dumb and it should have been easy). I carried the laundry dresser things inside myself because I didn’t want to ask my neighbor to come and help AGAIN. They were heavy. But I did it. Go me.

During the week I plan on posting more about some of the things I tried from Pinterest, but for now, you just get some AFTER (for now) photos of how the room looked when Mr. CrazyLady returned. I had the kids watching out the window for when he came home and as soon as he did, I grabbed the camera and headed downstairs to hide in the closet where I could see without being seen. The kids were given instructions to tell Dad “Mom locked herself in her room” if he asked where I was. It seemed a fitting way to get him down there. Of course, he didn’t even ask.

When he walked into the room, he said “Mom’s been busy…” Looked around. Walked right up to where I was standing inside the closet w/the camcorder and asked “Where IS mom?” (I’d upload a video for you all to see, but I’m too lazy this morning.)

Now, this man does not get excited or worked up about things, so yes, that is how he reacted. That’s it. He asked me a little later how much I had spent, though. (Which, without pulling out receipts, was around $200, I think – of course I ended up with an entire extra can of paint and them some, so I’m kicking myself for buying more of that than I needed.) And I still have a few things to add.

And here the room is in all its AFTER (for now) glory:

Some of the things that are still in the works are a little facelift for this mirror:

Putting these pictures (and other pictures/artwork on the walls) and adding a bit of decor to the top of the laundry dressers:

Giving a facelift to the closet doors and some decorative pillows for the bed. Oh yes, and that lamp. I’m not a fan of that lamp, so something’s got to be done about it too:

And then there’s this side table I got at the thrift store. I love it. I *was* planning on painting it a green to match the curtain tie (and some pillows I’ll make out of the same fabric), but now the wood is growing on me. And if I paint that one, I’ll have to paint the filing cabinet my husband uses on his side of the bed too. So what do you think? To paint or not to paint?

Four Day Master Makeover: Day 3


A busy, yet successful day. With a bit of a FAIL.

I spent the morning running errands (including dropping over $550 on new tires for my van…yeah…all of the sudden I’m thinking the husband is not going to be happy about the money spent on this makeover stuff.)

At our local thrift store, I found a FANTASTIC little table to use for my nightstand (for $8!) that will get a bit of a facelift first. Not by tomorrow night, mind you, but eventually. Actually, there are a lot of “eventually” things left to do in the room. That probably makes it not such a Four Day makeover, eh? And not that this has anything to do with the makeover, but I also found a big box of wood building blocks for the kids for 5 buckaroos. Seriously – this thing was HEAVY. How could I pass up a deal like that with 4 munchkins in the house?

Moved the mattress and box springs back into the room after some much needed vacuuming. Checked on the bedding and it’ll be here tomorrow! Yay! And I got the laundry sorters all painted, inside and out. Since the insides are blue and I decided to use spray paint for that part, I ended up looking a bit like I belonged in Kentucky with these guys:

But never fear, a shower and much scrubbing has returned me to my normal state.

Aaaaaaand onto the FAIL. As I mentioned last night, I was planning on using this photo transfer to canvas method. I have 4 photos that I wanted up on the wall and I thought this would be a great way to display them. Unfortunately, I can’t find my cord to upload the photos I took, but I’ll tell you all about my failure that has me back to square one for some wall decor. :P And when I find the cord under all my mess I’ll add photos.

I decided to try the Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue method she mentions at the very end of her post. I had the UPS Store print my pictures because I don’t have a laser printer. Unfortunately they printed them on very nice paper. I guess the lower the paper quality, the better this method works. But I digress.

I prepped the canvases with the glue. I was so excited to sit down and do this (maybe I was just excited to sit down?). And then…I sucked at it. My first photo was practically unrecognizable. Word to the wise: If you’re planning on doing a photo transfer like this, use a picture you don’t care about for the first one. My second one looked a bit better. Not great, mind you, but better. My third was looking dang good. I started to think of tips I could post like:

More Mod Podge is better than less. But not so much you’re oozing out the sides in great gobs of Mod Podge gooeyness.
And: Wetter is better. All this “dampen the paper” stuff is garbage. You want that paper wet. Soaked through. And when it’s getting even just a little difficult, spray the area some more and then go work on another area that is very very wet and has had a bit of time to soak. And then when that gets a little resistant, spray it and go back to the first area.
And: Don’t rub too hard. Yes, all of the tutorials out there say this, but seriously…DON’T rub too hard.

All great tips. But then I looked at the dried products. I could hardly see the pictures through the ghostly white residue left behind. I even took a damp soft cloth and tried to rub (gently) the film away and it looked great when it was wet, but when it dried…BAM! White residue. Sprayed the dang thing with water and wiped (a little less gently) with the soft cloth again. Still white residue.  I’m tempted to brush some Mod Podge over the top of one just to see if that residue will disappear when that happens, but if I do, it won’t be until tomorrow…when I have nothing else to do. #eyeroll

Four Day Master Makeover: Day 2


Holy Tired, Batman! Let’s just say I started the day with less than a full tank of gas. And my mileage is getting worse. Tonight you get a summary in bullet points:

*Hungry Children (Okay, me too – I was starving)
*Pizza Delivery (guess I’ll have to add that one to the makeover budget)
*Prep and order some prints
*Leftover pizza for dinner
*Flat tire
*Finding someone to help with said tire
*Ant migration observation
*Munchkins in bed
*Painting ’til almost midnight – but the walls are DONE! I thought I’d have to do 2 coats, but I chose dark colors that had great coverage, so I shouldn’t have to. Which means I bought an entire extra gallon of paint. Wonder if I can return it?

The blue is not that light.


THIS is the more accurate color of blue

And laundry. I did laundry all day. I’m sure you care.

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the projects I’ve pinned that I hope to get done tomorrow (from insideways.com):

Good Night!