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Dust Free, Folks!


Back when I posted about my new humongo chalkboard and the dust I loathed so much, I had a friend tell me about the existence of something amazing – chalkboard markers! {Thanks Lindsey!} She warned me that they are a bit spendy, but totally worth it. Well, I finally got around to buying some {with a 40% off coupon from Michael’s} and let me tell you: they’re great! Here’s what I bought:


No more dust! AND a lot more control with the way I want things to look! Hooray! That little pack of 4 up there normally cost $11-$12, so definitely more than the 99 cent pack of chalk. After using them, though, I have to agree with my friend – totally worth it if you can use a coupon. They work a bit like a paint pen – you shake it up and then press the tip down a little to get it flowing. It wipes off with a wet cloth. Easy peasy puddin’ pie.

Here’s a little glimpse of how my first go with them on the chalkboard turned out:


{We love us some Roald Dahl at our house. When my 7 and 9 year olds saw what I was writing on the board, they immediately said “I know where that’s from! That’s from The Twits!” and continued on with the jist of the rest of it: “even if you have a big stubby nose or poke out teeth…” I love those little readers!} Anyway………back to the matter at hand. So much more crisp, don’t you think?

If you’d like to see what else I’ve put up on our wall to brainwash the little minds in our house, I’ve created a new page up at the top called “On the Chalkboard” where I share pictures of all of the things I put on the chalkboard. Hence the name. So from now on, I won’t be sharing them here in individual posts unless I’m feeling super warm fuzzy about them. ;) {There’s also a new page up there with links to all of the Wanderlust Wednesday posts in one place.}

So take a peek at the pages and then go on with your life letting sunbeams shine out of your face!


Chalkboard Confessional


Okay, let me be clear about this. I have never been a fan of the whole put-chalkboard-paint-on-everything-that-will-hold-still-for-30-seconds trend. Can you say chalk dust overload?! Seeing as how I hate housework in the first place, I just can’t fathom why anyone would willingly add even MORE dust to their home.


I am a big lover of words. Especially words arranged in a powerful way. You know…like quotes…good poetry…inspiring scripture…the good stuff.

I also really love the look of brightly painted picture frames.

And at some point I kind of fell in love with the idea of having one really big chalkboard with a brightly colored frame where I could subliminally infuse my family’s minds with this good word stuff. ONE. And ONLY one.

So I set out on my journey to find a suitable big ol’ frame, which I found at a local thrift store. I cut an extra piece of particle board that we had to fit in the frame. {And by I, I mean my husband.}

I prepared the particle board by spraying it with some Rustoleum spray primer. I think I did 2 coats. Then I did about 3-4 coats of Rustoleum’s spray chalkboard paint in black. At this point, I swallowed my pride and admitted I was stupid for not sanding the particle board first. That stuff ain’t smooth, folks! I kind of thought the chalkboard paint would be thicker and kind of smooth things out a bit, but it’s not thicker than regular spray paint. Lesson learned.

So I let the paint dry for a couple of days until I could get back to it and pulled out my handy dandy sander and went to work. I think I was using 120 grit sandpaper on it. I went over it a few times until it was smooth *enough* for who it’s for {me} and called it good. It wasn’t perfect. As particle board, I don’t think it could be, but it would do.

Then back to painting I went. This time I didn’t prime it because it still had some paint/primer sticking to it and I’m lazy. I lightly layered on 4ish coats of chalkboard paint, alternating directions each time.

For the frame, I had to fill in one big gash with nail hole filler stuff and then I sprayed it with one light coat of primer. Then I put on 2 or 3 light layers of a Valspar spraypaint in a turquoise color. I’ve never used Valspar before, but I really liked it for the sprayer! My finger was not numb/sore afterward, which it usually is with the standard sprayers on Rustoleum’s cans. Overall, I was pretty impressed with it!

To attach the chalkboard to the frame, I used an epoxy that I found at Walmart. I don’t remember what it was called, but it seems to have done the job. Used a picture hanging kit to attach hanging wire to the back and put it up on the wall! Overall, it was a pretty simple and rewarding project.


Next to go will be those black plates. I definitely need something brighter and more smile inducing there, don’t you think?

*This was my inspiration for the Where The Wild Things Are quote shown on my chalkboard.

~So what trendy bandwagon have you jumped on that you swore you wouldn’t? Share in the comments! I LOVE comments!~

Pin Love


Today I feel like sharing a few of my favorite pins that I’ve found in the past week or so. It may become a regular thing. Or not. {PS – the photos are links back to the pin if you want to click on them.} Enjoy!

I’m thinking we’ll try dying eggs like this tonight. I’m sure the kids will LOVE it!

Instructions for Volcano Colored Eggs: Mix together a tbsp of baking soda, couple tsps of water and some food coloring. Now, grab your paint brushes and begin painting your eggs. Then pour vinegar it on top of the egg & watch the “volcanic eruption” take place.You can repeat steps 2, 3, & 4 over & over until you’re ready to move onto another egg. Lastly, pat off any excess vinegar or simply let them air dry.

If this is true, it’s awesome! Someone go to a Disney park and come back to tell us if it works! {Better yet, take me with you!}

If you yell “Andy’s coming!” in front of Buzz or Woody at a Disney park they will stop what they’re doing and drop.

Wrapped V-neck High Waist Maxi Dress

Oh how I want this tub. Times 1000.

The Tub I Really Really Would LOVE in My Bathroom

I loved reading this article (and more on the blog too!) and have decided to take on the challenge of not yelling at my kids. Starting small over here with just a month long goal. Had to start over today because yesterday was…unsuccessful.

10 things I learned when I stopped yelling at my kids. Great parenting and relationship read.

And last but not least:

Do you have any favorite pins from the week? Please share in the comments!