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Vintage Revivals Epic Room Makeover 2012


My dear friends, have you ever been over to Vintage Revivals? It’s an amazing blog full of amazing makeovers. Seriously awesome. Wanna know what’s even more seriously awesome? Mandi over at Vintage Revivals is doing one free room makeover! Did I mention FREE?!

My first thought was *Perfect! I should enter my ridiculously messy and unorganized craft room!*

But then I thought about our little Princess and the timing of it all and, well, watch this and you’ll see.

What could be a better birthday present?! Seriously! And Mandi, there are so so so many fantastic things we could do with this room and your brains and my ability to follow your directions. ;) I mean, just check out my Pinterest boards like Furniture and How Crafty of Me…Someday and Sugar and Spice and Color Makes Me Happy. (It really does make me happy, by the way.) The Princess’ favorite color is “creamy white” but she loves bright and cheery colors too – just think of all the fun we could have! It would be EPIC.

A few more pictures for your creative pleasure:

The unfortunate door that leads to the Princess’ room.

Peeling paint around the doorhandle. (And pen marks compliments of Little Brother.)

A hair accessory organizer I made long ago that has more than reached capacity.

A big empty wall – painted a boring color – with ugly window blinds to boot.

The bed.

This desk has been around F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I believe it was my little sister’s in middle school. Who knows how long it was around before that? Needless to say, it needs a facelift.

Aaaaaand, the light fixture no little girl dreams of.

PS – I totally neglected my little people all morning working on this post, so that proves I’m willing to neglect them the week we do the makeover. Good times! (Now excuse me while I go clean up crushed Cheerios and the lake that is now my kitchen floor.)