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What I Wore…


Let me just start this off by saying I love that people are fashionable and share their fabulous outfits over the internets so that fashion-challenged people such as myself can steal ideas. And I’ve been thinking about those “What I Wore” style posts that people often share on their blogs or Pinterest or whatnot and where ever. They always look great! And there’s the sharing of room makeovers and perfectly photographed delicious meals that all children in their perfect households eat without complaining too. Sometimes, I feel like we all (or maybe it’s just me) need a little reality check. A glimpse, so to speak, into another person’s life of keeping it real. I mean, of course we all want to put our best foot forward, but sometimes those of us on the outside looking in might forget that what we see a single shot of isn’t what that person or place or family is like 100% of the time. And also, I’m just feeling a bit goofy today (and had no plans to wax philosophical – where did all that ^^^ come from?!). So, my friends, on this lovely Tuesday afternoon, I’m here to share with you that glimpse with my first ever “What I Wore” post. This outfit will knock your socks off.

What I Wore

Fabulous, don’t you think? Yes, it’s 2:30 on a weekday afternoon. Yes, I’ve already left the house once today. Also, I’m all sweaty (not that you can tell from the pics) from choreographing some new Zumba routines.

I thought about having a weekly “what I wore” style post, but y’all might get sick of seeing my pajamas.

So there you have it. Life. Unedited.