Time To Say Goodbye


Obviously, I’ve neglected the blog for quite some time now. It’s been a nice little place for me to share ideas, projects, and completely random thoughts for the past few years, but it’s time to say goodbye. As life moves along, I need to take more time to focus on my family, and seeing as how I’ve been MIA from the blog for quite a while anyway, it’s one of the more obvious things to let fall by the wayside. Thank you to those of you who have read and shared this little space on the great wide internets! It’s been a real slice.


What I Wore…


Let me just start this off by saying I love that people are fashionable and share their fabulous outfits over the internets so that fashion-challenged people such as myself can steal ideas. And I’ve been thinking about those “What I Wore” style posts that people often share on their blogs or Pinterest or whatnot and where ever. They always look great! And there’s the sharing of room makeovers and perfectly photographed delicious meals that all children in their perfect households eat without complaining too. Sometimes, I feel like we all (or maybe it’s just me) need a little reality check. A glimpse, so to speak, into another person’s life of keeping it real. I mean, of course we all want to put our best foot forward, but sometimes those of us on the outside looking in might forget that what we see a single shot of isn’t what that person or place or family is like 100% of the time. And also, I’m just feeling a bit goofy today (and had no plans to wax philosophical – where did all that ^^^ come from?!). So, my friends, on this lovely Tuesday afternoon, I’m here to share with you that glimpse with my first ever “What I Wore” post. This outfit will knock your socks off.

What I Wore

Fabulous, don’t you think? Yes, it’s 2:30 on a weekday afternoon. Yes, I’ve already left the house once today. Also, I’m all sweaty (not that you can tell from the pics) from choreographing some new Zumba routines.

I thought about having a weekly “what I wore” style post, but y’all might get sick of seeing my pajamas.

So there you have it. Life. Unedited.

Merry Christmas!


Hello! I hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas! At the beginning of the month, as the kids were putting ornaments on the tree, I got the last minute idea to make a time lapse video of the process. I really enjoyed doing it and shared the video with some friends and family. And then on Christmas morning, I decided I might as well go ahead and film the proceedings and do another time lapse so we could preserve a quick glimpse into our morning. I love being able to see my kids’ excitement on Christmas morning and hope that we’re instilling a love for their Savior and a sense of gratitude for all they have in the process. We try to keep things simple and provide constant reminders of the reason we celebrate this season. May we always remember and be grateful for the gift of our Savior, whose birth we celebrate with gifts and service each year.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Giraffe House Manor



You guys. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a safari in Nairobi, Kenya. Just think about how awesome that would be. And then imagine where you would stay during your adventures in Nairobi. I’ll tell you where I’d stay. Well…where I’d want to anyway. There is a hotel in Nairobi called the Giraffe House Manor. The unique distinguishing feature of this hotel: a friendly herd of giraffe that visit daily, multiple times per day. For. Real.


Can you even imagine?! These gentle giants poke their heads into some of the guest rooms. They visit the breakfast room looking for their own breakfast and eat right out of the hands of staff and guests alike. Friendly as can be.

In addition to the giraffe (for real?! For real.), the property itself is said to be pretty fantastic. Reviews from those who have stayed there describe it as charming, old world, like taking a step back in time. I don’t know if they all do, but at least some of the rooms feature their own fireplace, creating a cozy, old fashion atmosphere. The food receives great reviews as well. There is a beautiful dinning room, a breakfast room, a tv room, and lush gardens to walk through and enjoy. While the cost is well beyond the reach of my pocketbook, I tell you what: if ever I’m able to swing a pleasure trip to Africa, a night at this place will be a major goal. I guess I have another thing to add to my bucket list!

Wanderlust Wednesday: Newport Beach (or any beach, really)


Do you know what season I could do without? Winter. I hate cold. I’m not sure how I’ve survived the past 30+ winters here in ski country, but I swear I turn into a bigger baby about it with every passing year. Do you know what it’s doing right now? Snowing. It has begun. I could cry.

So I’m sitting here thinking about the awesome and unexpected opportunity I had to accompany my husband to a conference in California a couple of months ago. We visited Newport Beach during some of his down time and I’m wishing I could transport myself to a warm beach right at this very moment. So while it’s not an exotic location in a land far, far away, today I’m sharing just a handful of pictures from that trip. We arrived just a bit before sunset and it was perfect.


The lighting was nothing short of stunning, and despite having only my little waterproof camera, I couldn’t help but try to capture it.

NewportBeach1 NewportBeach4 NewportBeach5

We had a lot of fun collecting seashells for the kids and climbing over the rocks looking in the tide pools for different sea creatures. I loved the colors of this little anemone (sorry it’s so blurry!):


Until next time, dear any warm beach anywhere, I’ll be dreaming of you!